Probably the most exciting part of being a brony is attending the meet-ups!
Below you will find a compilation of links connecting you to the different meet-up groups across the country.

For most up-to-date information on current meets, please visit the UK of Equestria.

London Meets

Home to some the largest gatherings of bronies outside BUCK, our capital city is one of the best places to go for anything brony related. Most London meets are organised by the admins of the UKofE. The most regular meet being the O2 film meet hosted by the always well dressed BRJ. Other meets happen all the time, including pub get togethers, episode screenings, parties in the park, shopping trips and more! Another regular London meet is held twice a year at the MCM Comic Con, the largest gathering of fans of popular and geek culture in the country.

MCM London Comic Con - October (Link will be updated as soon as possible)

Check the UKoE for more info or visit their Twitter feed

Yorkshire Bronies

The proud hosts of some of the longest running brony meets in the Country, Yorkshire Bronies are very established and run many meets around the Yorkshire area. Their main meets take place in the City of Leeds, they also host Sheffield meets and various others. They're grand bunch with the motto "Let's have a proper day out".

Skype: yorkshirebronies

Bristol Bronies

Bristol is known for many things: aviation, claymation, piracy, and the guy who led us through the Industrial Revolution. It's also home to the Bristol Bronies, purveyors of "brilliant days" and "amazing atmospheres"! Join us every month as we host quizzes, competitions, raffles, live music, episode viewings and our one-of-a-kind Great Brony Bake-Off to tease and delight the pony-centric centres of your brain.
Once a month isn't enough? Well that's why we have the Weekly Bristol Brony Meet, a three hour weekly dash around town to the shops, restaurants, cinemas and occasionally even free doughnuts! What better way to welcome in the weekend than with good friends and good food!

Check the website for details on upcoming meets, and get your FREE Bristol Bronies button badge when you attend your first meet! (While stocks last. Subject to availability.)


Bath Bronies

If you like a good pint of ale, cider (or any drink really) and good times, then the Bath Brony Pub Meets are most certainly your thing. Our Wednesday meets usually start around 5pm at the Hobgoblin Pub (a short walk from the train/bus station) and usually feature a trip to for food, very bad singing, and a few badly-played games of pool. If you're local and/or have a place to stay, a couple people head to Bath's most excellent rock/punk/metal night Discord, named after everyone's favourite /villain/, until the early hours of the morning.

The monthly Saturday meets usually start at the King of Wessex Wetherspoons pub and are rather spontaneous in activities during the day. If the weather is nice we occasionally head to Victoria Park, but rest assured we will end up at the Hobgoblin in the evening. Of course Bath has much more to offer than just pubs, there's the beautiful Abbey, the several sweet shops, Starbucks, Roman Baths, the cinema, Nando's, Wagamamas and much more!! 
UKofE Thread

South Coast Bronies

We welcome anyone!

Our community also operates online, with Minecraft and Starbound servers, a Skype, Facebook, and even a Steam group for those who want to organise their own games with other members. Join us online or attend your nearest meet for a great chance to get into some community projects or just to meet some new people.
Recurring Meets:
1st Saturday of every month in Portsmouth.
3rd Saturday of every month in Southampton.
On demand for Brighton and Poole.
Facebook Group

Cardiff Bronies

Running since 2013 and recently revitalised after a short hiatus, the Cardiff Bronies meet once a month to hang out, play games, do activities and meet new people! Situated right near a major transport hub (Cardiff Central Station), Cardiff draws in attendees from towns and cities across the bridge into England as well as around South Wales.

Meet typically run from 12:00 onwards with a relax in a bar at the end of the day. Come and make friends in the Land of the Dragon!

Essex & Suffolk Bronies

Facebook Group

Something missing?

The above are just some the most regular meets in the country, there are plenty more out there.
If you run a meet-up group and would like to get it added to this list please contact me at or PM Anthony Rothstein on the UKoE.

UKoE Public Conduct Guidelines Please have a quick read of the UKoE's useful guidelines before attending a meet! In-proper behaviour could result in you being black listed from future events.