Are you a fandom creative who sells art, crafts or other non-official merchandise? Are you looking to purchase a drawing or plush of your OC?
Then this page is the place for you!

If you’re open for commissions and want more exposure be sure to get on this list.

Email me at with the following information:

  • Name.
  • UKofE or other username.
  • What you are offering for commission, drawings, plushies, ect?
  • A link to an example of your work, such as a DeviantArt Account.
  • Example of your price list.
  • Any links to online stores.
  • Any other information you’d like to mention.

All information will be posted below!

Note: The sale of Commissions in the FB group are not as restricted as the sale of Merchandise. This is to allow creativity to not be negatively effected.

Altercations to the Rules for selling commissions on our Facebook Group:
The following are altercations to these rules apply only for the sale of commissions:

Rule 1 DOES NOT Apply: Commissions are allows to be in separate posts and are NOT restricted to the Merchandise Sales Thread.

Rule 2: DOES Apply! Rule 3: Though we would prefer open communication as much as possible, Rule 3 isn't as heavily applied for commissions, some sellers or buyer may be wanting to discuss via PMs or email, this is fine. Rule 4: If the item exists already then Rule 4 does apply. If you are yet to create the item please post a link in the post to an example of your work.

Rule 5: Up to the discretion of the seller.

Rule 6: Up to the discretion of the seller. Though invoices are generally advised.

Rule 7: Obviously DOES Apply.

Rule 8 & 9: Aren't necessary but feedback is usually appreciated by most artists.

Additional Rule 10, not really a rule though: You DON'T have to be in this list to be able to post on the group. You're more than welcome to post if you're not, you don't have to apply to be on this list if you don't want to.



Sells: Canvases and Cards

Note from artist: Payment is via PayPal only. It takes around 1-3 weeks for a canvas commission to be finished and posted depending on how big it is as well as how much detail is needed and layers of paint. I'm UK based and I send pictures of the commissions as they progress.

Price List:

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