Merchandise Trade Rules


Sale of Merchandise Rules: 09/01/2015
These rules only apply to the sale of merchandise items that are being re-sold official or otherwise, not of the sale of services from creative members of the fandom such as artwork and crafts.

If you do commissions for creative pieces of work please check out our commissions page here. 
The below rules are more aimed at the sale of merchandise items and do not necessary count towards commissions. If you are selling commissions please click the above link for the altercations of these rules.

1. Sale of items are limited to the Merchandise Sales Thread. Do not make separate posts. The thread can be found here:
2. Non My Little Pony merchandise is forbidden to be sold in this group.
3. Prices of items must be discussed in the Merchandise Sales Thread and not via PM.
4. All items for sale must be photographed with a physical time stamp and location. (A piece of paper with these details written on in the photograph will suffice).
5. Payment must be made via PayPal or in physical cash. Payment must be sent to the seller before the item is shipped. If the trade of items is done in person, the transaction of cash and item must be made at the same time.
6. An invoice must be produced by seller prior to accepting any payment. This must be sent to the seller via email or Facebook PM. A public notification of sale must be made in the Merchandise Sales Thread, including information of who the item has been sold to and how much for.
7. Do not sell illegal items. This is fairly self explanatory.
8. Please consider posting seller feedback in the Merchandise Sales Thread. Notes will be made in a good doc on a later date to list good or bad sellers.
9. If you are a seller and would like to gain a trusted status please send proof of being a registered business or sole tradesperson. We also accept proof of high star ratings on eBay and other e-market services. Email me at This is not a requirement to sell items, but may help in ensuring potential buyers feel secure purchasing your items.
Those who do not adhere to these rules will be banned from the group and may be reported to necessary people, such as convention organisations or other events that have vendor stalls and do not want potential scammers selling wares at their events. Or in extreme circumstances the police.
The Admin team isn't responsible for loss of money or items. Any disputes are between the buyer and the seller. We can not guarantee that sellers are legitimate and it is your responsibility to ensure this. These rules may change at anytime without notice. If you intend to buy or sell please make sure you check this post often.
If you have any disputes with a seller please check out the PayPal user guides:
A suggestion with PayPal is to use the Buy Now Pay Later method of payment. PayPal loans you the money and pays the seller right there and then and you pay PayPal the bill after so many days. I am uncertain of fees regarding this, please consult the PayPal website. This payment method does usually allow greater chance to reclaim stolen money, prevent scams and make disputes easier.

Trusted Merch Sellers
These people have gained a lot of trust in the fandom and can be sure to provide great service. Don’t worry if you’re not on this list, it's not ultimate list of sellers ever.
Buyers must still be vigilant as you can never know what people’s intentions are.

Black Listed Sellers
Under any circumstances DO NOT purchase any items from the following people as they are known scammers or extremely poor sellers:

  • Lewis Howard -

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