Friday, 10 July 2015

Friendship Report: Old Friends

Dear Readers,

We've all lost friends over time, some we leave, some leave us, and some were just friends because we saw them five days a week. Sometimes we find ourselves looking back on these old friends and wondering how different it'd be if we were still with them. Sometimes, much like Twilight did, we find these old friends and reconcile with them, which is actually what I did a few months ago.

I'll start from the beginning, back in October 2011 my brother was invited to a dinner to celebrate his engagement, luckily for me it was during a time when I was with my brother, and so I got to come too. The dinner was at my brother's old youth worker's house. That house was quite full that day and so the youngest had to eat in the living room because there was no room at the table. The youngest included me, and the hosts' two daughters.

I quickly became friends with the older of the two, her name was Lucy, and after dinner, and watching a film followed by a few YouTube videos, she added me on Skype, and we continued speaking over the next few months. Unfortunately for me though, sometime in March my jealous girlfriend at the time forbade me from talking to her, and so my conversations with Lucy ceased.

After me and Dana split two years later, I didn't get back in touch with Lucy, it had been too long, and I had no clue what to say to her, but I still had her on Facebook. but it wasn't until I got Instagram earlier this year when I was finally able to talk to her, she posted a picture of a scrap of paper with the words "I AM FED UP!" scrawled on it in big letters. So I decided to cheer her up, I finally had something to say, and it worked out well for the both of us, apparently her boyfriend at the time didn't like her talking to me either, so she forgave me since she thought she was doing the same thing.

It's a strange feeling when you reconcile with old friends, I used to occasionally meet a few on the bus journey to college, some of them would talk, some would just smile and say "hello." Whether they still like you or not, a friend will always be part of you, and even if you don't like them anymore, you should still respect them for keeping you happy and being your friend back when you did like them.

If, like me and Moondancer, you have become a bit of a recluse, whether that's because you're too busy reading, binge watching Sailor Moon, or playing League of Legends, and you may be on the verge of losing a friend. don't worry about it, once you've finished Sailor Moon, or the Horus Heresy, or you've won the League of Legends Championship, I'm sure your friend will let you back in, after all, you don't need to be joined at the hip.

- George "Kitty" Booth

Was it bugging anyone else that Moondancer had the same hair as twilight Sparkle? Seriously, if she took out that pineapple they'd look like creepy twins.

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