Saturday, 25 April 2015

Friendship Report: Worries

Dear Readers,

In the last episode of My Little Pony, poor Apple Bloom was worrying about what would happen if she got a cutie mark she didn't like. I for one wasn't much for that episode, but it did have it's moments nonetheless. I think she shouldn't have woken up from the first dream and instead actually fight to get her pest pony cutie mark back in order to save Equestria (or at least Ponyville). But that wasn't the case, and the message was different.

This episode is all about the stress caused by worrying too much. In this case Apple Bloom is worried that she won't get a cutie mark she'll be happy with and then be stuck living a life she's not happy with. In the episode she gets so stressed over her worry that she starts having nightmares, and Princess Luna has to come and save the day.

If we presume a cutie mark is the pony equivalent of a qualification, which to me seems quite logical. After all, in order for a pony to get a job, they seem to just need a cutie mark in it. We can then say that her worries are pretty similar to the worries a student has before taking an exam. A worry that completely escaped me, since at the time I was busy with the new Skyrim expansion pack.

I'm fortunate enough to be patient and quite laid back (a trait which has been complimented by everyone except the higher-ups at my old high school) and so many worries escape me. I also know that there are plenty out there who aren't like me, and do worry about exams and various other things, and so this next part is for you.

If you ever find yourself worrying about something, distract yourself with something else, I'd recommend not distracting yourself with junk food though. The cure for worries is to stop yourself from thinking about them, if you're thinking about them, you'll become stressed, and if you get stressed your work will become sloppy, and your health will slowly deteriorate.

If that fails, you could always try meditation, but if you're a serious Christian, remember that meditation is a form of magic, and magic is a sin (the same might go for other religions). If that doesn't apply to you and you can meditate, then do so, it works wonders. If you feel the need to try more advanced forms of white magic, then be careful, that idea didn't work so well for me.

- George "Kitty" Booth

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