Friday, 17 April 2015

Friendship Report: Not All Houses Are Homes

Dear Readers,

In the latest episode of My Little Pony, we had Princess Twilight avoiding her home because it didn't feel like a home. Anyone else been there? I have, thankfully I was able to solve that problem about 5 years ago. Admittedly, my solution wasn't really the best, but it worked for me. So here's a little story about a young lad who moved to Birmingham, a young lad that totally wasn't me.

In the early days of 2006, just as the schools were opening their doors once again to the students, who had all enjoyed their Christmas break. The first week was happily progressing as though there was nothing wrong. Then came the weekend, this young lad had been looking forward to the weekend, because he was going to go visit his mates house, unfortunately, this young lads mother had an alternative idea, he was to visit his grandparents house for the weekend instead. Reluctantly, the young lad agreed, and was then taken to visit his grandparents.

That night, just before he was sent to bed, his mum told him that he wouldn't be going home with her, he'd be spending that week preparing the new house for arrival with his grandparents, and some of his uncles. The week dragged on, and once it was over, his mum returned in a van full of everything from the previous house, and they were soon fully moved in.

Of course this young lad wasn't very happy. He didn't even get to say goodbye to all his friends, and so a lot of them had believed he had died (they really did). During the first few days in Birmingham, there was stabbing outside his house, and a few weeks later, a primary school up the road got burned to the ground.

As you can imagine, this poor lad never truly felt at home, and so he did his best to make new friends, and distract himself from the wrongness of the town he had been thrust into. Nothing felt right to him, the people he met and tried to call friends didn't quite feel right to him. The time passed for the young lad, and in 2009 he was forced to move away to a nicer part of Birmingham.

He was now away from the friends he was only just able to make in the bad part, on top of that, his mother had decided that he was to move school once again. Since they were closer to the Mormon community in Birmingham, she had decided that he would have to move into the school that their kids all go to. The young lad offered his mum an ultimatum, hoping that she would follow his demands and let him move in with his dad in Stoke and return to the friends he once had.

His mother refused the offer, and so when the young lad next went to visit his dad, he made the request that he was to not bring him back to his mother. That plan didn't work, and the lads grandfather dragged him from Stoke and back to his mother on the Monday morning. The next week was spent in and out of school councilors offices. Luckily for the young lad, they were on his side and persuaded his mother to reluctantly let him go and live with his father.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that for a young lad (or lass) moving house can be quite painful. Yes that young lad was being pretty selfish by leaving his mother all alone, but on the other side, he was all alone, his brother had left for university in '08, and the only time he felt like he had company was when he was playing Runescape (yes, Runescape) with the only friend from Stoke he was still in contact with.

Of course in that instance, the young lad didn't make the house a home, he just ran from the problem. In some cases that is perfectly acceptable, after all every human has "fight or flight" instincts, and in this case, flight was the much better option. Now this young lad is quite happy in Stoke, he's in a band with his best mate, and he's trying his luck with the ladies (but to no avail).

- George "Kitty" Booth

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