Friday, 10 April 2015

Friendship Report: Cutie Marks

Dear Readers,

I hope everyone has enjoyed the season premiere, I sure did. It featured a new song, which I loved, some hilarious new characters, and a message which really spoke to me. Unfortunately, that message will just bring about a large rant from me, purely because of my views on the subject. Equality to me is a big taboo.

The episode did get me thinking though, just what is it that separates me from my friends? And why is it that we all agree despite our differences? The best way for me to work that out would probably be to give me and my friends a cutie mark, and then work from there. I'd also like to point out that the whole thing is based off my perspective.

I'm fortunate enough to have five people whom I call friends. Nathan, Ash, Josh, Chris and Kyle. Me and Nathan can be grouped together as musicians. Chris and Kyle can be grouped together on account of both being obsessed with the army. That leaves Josh, who is a chav, and Ash, who is a dancer.

So let's start off by giving me a cutie mark. Cutie marks as you should know are based off talents, so straight off the bat I know mine will be music related. The most basic idea would be either a clef or a few musical notes, but I'd rather go deeper than that. For a start, I mainly play guitar, and I tend to play metal music on my guitars. A good idea would be a silhouette of a hand throwing the horns, but since ponies don't have fingers, I'm going to say a horseshoe surrounded by flames.

Nathan is also a guitarist, but he mainly plays straight up rock 'n' roll. I reckon his cutie mark would be the ace of spades with some devil horns and a devil's tail. That seems like the symbol that would most accurately represent his talent to me anyway.

Ash is a dancer, and he seems to think that is his special talent. He does street dance, which is a subject I know nothing about. But he keeps talking about bass when he's talking about songs he knows I don't like. So my guess would be that his cutie mark would be a bass clef with a horseshoe arching over it.

Chris's cutie mark would most likely be a tower shield with a wreath arching under it. Kyle's cutie mark would be similar, but it would be a sword instead of a shield. There may also be a crown above the sword/shield on both cutie marks. This is because they're both joining the army, Chris is going into close protection (hence the shield), while Kyle is going into the infantry (hence the sword). The wreath and crown are because they are both common features on cap badges within the British Army.

Josh is a bit harder to give a cutie mark to. He doesn't really show off much of his talents. The only thing I know for sure is that he is a winner. And so his cutie mark would be something that represents victory. I'm going to say his cutie mark would be a winged gold coin.

As a conclusion, I can definitely say that a talent is one way to separate people, and differences in talents can cause some debates, an example would be how me and Nathan formed a band together, when we both play different genres of music, and so we had to come up with a compromise. Thankfully, people are identified by much more than just their special talent, which is why we can all agree. You are not your cutie mark, you are you.

- George "Kitty" Booth

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