Friday, 20 February 2015

Friendship Report: Too Much Stuff

Dear Readers,

I may not live in the cleanest of houses, and that doesn't really bother me. I don't exactly live in a cluttered house either, I simply just have too much stuff in my room, and not much space. The sad part is I've cut down on clutter by approximately 60% and I still have too much. I find it amazing, how could I live with all that junk in my room? So I want to talk about stuff in the literal sense for a change.

So while I enjoy listening to Rush's Caress of Steel, which is a very underrated and under-appreciated album, I'd like to talk to you about those weird little things you keep for reasons unbeknownst to you or anyone. For instance I recently completed the first phase of my plan to clear my room of junk and create more space.

Phase one consisted of four parts, the first of which was completed in August when my brother gave me his CD collection, one of his guitars, his experimental pedal board, and a Marshall amp. That part was quite simple and didn't take too long to complete, it just involved removing the chest of drawers which I never used, and relocating the stuff on top of it so I could deal with them at a later date.

Phase 1.2 involved simply rearranging what I had done in thee initial step, that took place about two weeks ago, and signaled the true start of my plan to increase my space. I had the day before had two guests come and visit me, and I could only just compensate for one guest let alone two. , and so I decided it was time, to start, and devised a plan to continue.

The plan was to remove my wardrobe. The way it was meant that my wardrobe was useless, I only use it to hang up about three jackets and some shirts, the rest of it was filled with junk meaning I had a potential hole which measures 62 x 137 x 108 cm, that adds up to the perfect amount of usable space.

It was during the destruction and removal of my wardrobe that I discovered some of the strangest things, some things I have no knowledge of, such as a weird smelly tortoise thing and an old system board. I pulled an ungodly amount of stuff out of that wardrobe, and thankfully the majority of it is now gone. While I was at it I started phase 2.1.

I sifted through so much stuff, and I have no idea why I kept any of it, I even found a ukulele that is in excellent condition, but has been made to the worst of standards. Annoyingly I still have a lot of stuff left, which includes a very big cardboard box that I don't dare look inside, and I also have two more phases to my plan, phase 2.2 I started the other day, but a thought occurred to me which means I need to re-think my plan. Currently, phase 2 involves cleansing my desk, and phase 3 involves the shelves behind me.

I find it weirdly ironic that I have now removed two pieces of furniture designed to increase storage space in order to create storage space, I know that could have been worded better, but the right words escape me.

Anyway I'd like to leave you with something I've learned and find quite helpful, just because something is designed to do one thing, it doesn't mean it can't be used for something else. So if you ever feel like you're not the right tool for the job, as it where, remember that a big wrench can make a pretty good hammer when need be.

- George "Kitty" Booth

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