Friday, 13 February 2015

Friendship Report: The Interview and some Lovey Dovey Stuff!

Dear Readers,

As I believe I mentioned in my post last week, I had my interview for the army today. It was the first job interview I have ever done, and as one can expect, I was dreading it. Thankfully it all went quite well, and my terror quickly dispersed once the interview actually started. On the other side tomorrow is Hearts and Hooves Day!

My interview was initially terrifying especially since I didn't fully prepare for it, but that was because of my initial overconfidence in my preparations. It wasn't until this morning that I realised the sheet I was given that told me how to prepare was double sided, and so I only prepared for half of it, by the time I started to prepare for the other half, I only had fifty minutes before I had to leave the house.

I was fortunate, he only asked me one question based on the half I didn't prepare for, even more fortunately, it was the one part of it that I remembered. Don't get me wrong I did do the revision, it may of been done in haste, but it was done nonetheless. I was also only asked two questions on the half that I did revise.

I guess I was initially just over-thinking the whole ordeal, and I would suppose that the moral of the story is to not worry about the things of the future, the more you worry, the worse you'll perform. So anyone else who has their first job interview coming up, I'd suggest you try not to worry too much about it, just relax and try not to fidget too much during your actual interview.

As I presume most of you know tomorrow is Valentines Day (or Hearts and Hooves Day if you prefer). It's the one day of the year when single people like myself complain "slightly" more than usual, and a very, very, very large number of males get dumped by their lovers. There are also of course quite a lot of couples who are happy that day.

I'm glad to report that despite being single, I am going out, and me and my good pal Nath will celebrate our Bromance with a lovely dinner. I have also written out a Valentines card for a female friend of mine, whom I'd wish to be more than just a friend, but I also coded it. Chances are she won't be able to understand what is written, but that means that her mother won't either. If all goes well, she'll be able to work out who sent it with ease, and inquire as to what the message says.

I'd like to wish all of you happy couples well tomorrow, and single people I'd suggest you grab your bro (or female equivalent), go out, and have a laugh. Valentines Day exists to celebrate love, and love comes in many forms, so embrace the forms of love you have, and rejoice, for Valentines Day is your day.

- George "Kitty" Booth

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