Friday, 30 January 2015

Friendship Report: Eighteen

Dear Readers,

As you can probably tell, it was someone's eighteenth birthday this week. It was my good friend Nathan's, but his birthday wasn't the only one this week, on Monday my mother turned 55, and on Tuesday my oldest brother turned 27. There is also another eighteenth coming up on Sunday, but thankfully, I'm not invited to Ash's party, I say thankfully because the celebrations for Nathan's party haven't finished yet, and I've already been killed off by those.

So for those of you non-UK residents, eighteen is the legal drinking age here, and Nathan's dad decided he would take Nathan through all the pubs in town, thankfully we didn't go to them all, there were at least three that we missed, I had died in the second pub, because I was the only one who hadn't gone out drinking before.

I had fun, but I am dreading tonight's festivities, this time it's a rock and metal nightclub, and so I'm going to be in it from opening to closing, which I think is 22:00 - 04:00, so that's six hours of loud music and crowds. I'm sure I'll live, but Nathan has dark plans for me, which I'm not getting into.

My eighteenth was much more peaceful, instead of boozing I went clay pigeon shooting, and ate pie, which was definitely much more desirable. I guess my new friends are a bit of a bad influence, but I don't care, I've been having fun the majority of the time, and I've also been able to make more friends from them.

So other than all the birthdays this week, the only thing of significance that happened is that my bass has finally arrived, and it is awesome. It is basically a tribute to what is considered to be the greatest bass ever created, but unlike that, this one can be afforded by students with minimal income, and according to the reviews, this is supposed to be a better bass, i can't clarify that, but I can say that I like it.

So if you or your friends are turning eighteen, or you just plan on getting wasted, keep an eye on your drink so no one slips anything into it, and also try not to overdo it.

- George "Kitty" Booth

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