Friday, 21 November 2014

Friendship Report: Realisation and Ideas.

Dear Reader,

Yes it's that time of week again, that time when I realise I've not done anything productive and I haven't actually learned anything about friendship. It's also where I pick apart everything I have done so far this week and realise that maybe I have learned something. And now that I have quickly done so I have realised that I actually did learn something.

I have actually learned two things this week. The first thing I learned is that everything is much better when you are with friends, such as, in my case, UK of Equestria. Sometime in September my mate was banned from that website, and thus the excitement died, but now his ban has finally reached it's end and the websites fun has returned with him.

The other thing I learned is that, when your routine or schedule is changed slightly, it can become very hard to fill the time. That has happened to me pretty much all week, at the start of the week it was because I was ill, but today and yesterday it was because Ash, who usually visits for guitar lessons and assorted silliness, is partaking in the school play, and he's been performing. So my habitual plans have been broken and I have sat here dreaming up silly ideas that will probably never take effect.

So why is it unlikely that my ideas will ever take effect? I have the motivation, the inspiration, and even the drive to get it done. So what's missing? What have I not got that would help me work towards my little goals? I'm actually missing three important things at the moment: Confidence, Knowledge and Funding.

It's annoying how problems often arise from small things like confidence, I am, however, fortunate enough to have one trait that will most definitely help me, I'm patient. Everything takes time, and I'm young, thus I have plenty of time to spend on honing my skills and working towards whatever little idea pops into my peculiar mind.

I'm not saying you can just wait, and all your problems will be solved, you will always have to work for what you want, but I'm simply just acknowledging that all things take time. So next time you get infuriated because you still can't quite reach your little goal, whether that's to be able to run a mile and a half in under ten minutes, or get past that level you are stuck on, or even if it's to get your head around A-level Chemistry, You'll get there soon enough, providing of course you don't rage-quit.

- George "Kitty" Booth

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