Friday, 28 November 2014

Friendship Report: Overload!

Dear Readers,

For me this week has been full of excitement, and it has really cheered me up after my dark epiphany during the weekend. So much has happened that it has pretty much overloaded my mind with anticipation, and various other similar emotions which I can't be bothered to name. Anyway, I'm going to start this off with the sadder side, before getting on to as much of the interesting stuff as I dare say, at this stage, it seems dangerous to say it all.

Over the weekend, in fact, it wasn't that long after I posted my last Friendship Report, I realised that I have been excessively mean to everyone I've come into contact with over the last nine months, and before that, I was simply just mean to pretty much everyone I come into contact with. Like all sudden realisations of great truth, this came to me in the shower, and thus kept me awake most of the night as I thought deeper and deeper into it.

I really have been mean to a lot of people over the last, I'd say about, fourteen months, some of them in my opinion got there just desserts, but many didn't deserve to be treated how I treated them. To those people I'd like to apologise, even if they never read this I'd like to apologise to them, chances are I won't see most of them again, and those I can see I have apologised, or will apologise, in person.

One of the people on that list of people I've treated badly, who didn't deserve it was my old friend Zed. We have now settled our differences, which is nice, and we have started afresh, which is equally as nice. I've also been quite mean to my other close friend Ash, but thankfully, he looked past all that and was quite understanding. The list goes on and on, I think the only people I haven't been mean to are Nathan, Josh, Chris and Big George.

That aside, the week has been filled with awesome. For a start, me and Zed finally settled our differences. I then found out that my German friend was coming to my home town (not to visit me, but he says he'll see me if he can). After that there was a trip with college, followed by more excitement, which I'll leave out of this post. You might get to read about it in a few weeks time.

There isn't really much to say about me and Zed settling our differences, we just apologised to each other and started a clean slate. So I'll skip that and move on. I found out that my German mate was coming to the UK from his little status on Skype, he's coming to visit my ex, because those two are still close, I mostly stopped talking to him after I was dumped, he was more her friend than mine, but I still call him a friend, and I talk to him from time to time.

I will take full advantage of his visit, and use it to come and shake his hand, bump his fist and have a good laugh. Of course I'm breaking the rules that schools all tell you to follow, but I don't care. I don't think I'm in any form of danger, and even if I am, I can run pretty fast, but I don't believe any of the internet crap school forces down your throat, I believe that overall humans are good people, it's just a select few who ruin it for the rest.

Moving on, on Wednesday I went on a big trip with college. We all went to a military port in Southampton and had a quick tour. It was a bit anticlimactic, we were all expecting to see lots of activity, but it was a quiet day at the port. Much to my disappointment I didn't see a single tank, which was a shame, I did at least see a couple of antiaircraft guns, but I think they were old deactivated guns used for decorative purposes only.

Yeah, the trip was a big disappointment, and yet it was still fun. When I finally returned home I received news (that will have to be held for a later post), The next day that news was confirmed, and earlier today I heard a bit more, which has yet to be confirmed. And so, it'll all be withheld until it develops further.

To digress, I think it was last week when I mentioned an idea I had, I think I now have a better idea on how to do it, I'm going to keep that idea a little secretive, so as to build up the anticipation a bit more when I reveal it.

- George "Kitty" Booth

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