Friday, 7 November 2014

Friendship Report: A Good First Impression

Dear Readers,

You should all know about the importance of making a good first impression on people. It's usually a good way to ensure that people are nice to you throughout your relationship with them. However, good first impressions can be quite hard for some of us, like myself, so here's my failure at making a good first impression.

As you may already know, I am doing an Army Preparation course at Stoke College. It turns out that the person who was teaching me on Thursdays and Fridays last term was filling in for someone who had left on maternity leave. This week she had came back, and decided that since she didn't know us she would ask us our names followed by a random fact about ourselves, hoping to remember us by our random fact.

I was given an opportunity to think about my random fact before she started asking, and I settled on saying that I love Stilton cheese, because I do love Stilton cheese. Once she had started asking I quickly worked out that I would be the eighth person who has to answer, First was Jade, she's ginger, then there was Corey, he chews cans, and so on.

Dettie has no uniform.
Jess can stick her big toe in her mouth.
Emma likes purple.
Angel is flexible.
Josh looks like Simon Cooper (from The Inbetweeners).

Then it came to my turn, I had I love Stilton cheese on the tip of my tongue, but what did I say? I said "I'm Kitty, and I scare little children." That apparently isn't something you say to a woman who has just had her first child, but I have to say, the look on her face almost made it worth it. I just sat back with a big goofy smile on my face, wondering where that came from.

It is true that I scare little children, I don't do it on purpose though, it just that those who dress in a similar fashion to me have a bad reputation and so mothers tell there kids to beware of folks like me, which naturally becomes a habit to the child. I know stereotypes exist for a reason, but seriously just because the Trench Coat Mafia concealed 12 gauge shotguns in their coats, it doesn't mean that I do too.

Of course, out of that context me words could have meant anything to her, and I'd personally rather not know what she thought, but after a short silence, which was thankfully broken by the next person on the list, George* (he plays with cows), the lesson was able to continue without any other incidents, and only a couple of weird looks aimed at me.

I'd also now like to point out that a first impression can be erased, but it takes a lot to reset it. In my case I started dating her daughter, and so she stopped liking me altogether, and thus did everything she could to split me and her daughter apart, thrusting me into the dark recesses of my old depression. But that is old news, which I no longer care about.

Have a nice weekend :)

- George "Kitty" Booth

*Yes there are two George's in the class, we distinguish between the two by calling me Kitty, and the other George G.I.George (or sometimes just Big George)

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