Saturday, 25 October 2014

Friendship Report: Rainbow Rocks

Dear Readers,

Before I start I'd like to point out that this is not a review of Rainbow Rocks. That aside, I did watch, and enjoy, the film. Anyway I have had a fairly interesting week, which involved me and my college friends spending the majority of our college time wandering aimlessly around Hanley city center. I even received an unexpected message, from the person I least expected to message me.

Monday was probably the most entertaining of all the days, which is unusual, but that is only because we have a four hour break between lessons, and so we went into Hanley. It was me, Chris, Josh and Kyle, and the four of us quickly got bored of our time in Hanley, so we decided it would be much more exciting to move to festival park and go to Toys R Us.

I was disappointed to find that the Nerf and My Little Pony sections of Toys R Us were lacking to say the least. The Lego and Star Wars sections however, were huge and I even decided to get myself a Lego Hero Factory toy, just to see if the even remotely compare to their predecessor: Bionicle. To no ones surprise, they don't.

Admittedly I am older now than I was when I was playing with Bionicle, and so it's no surprise that  I don't find them half as entertaining as I used to. However, this new toy I got has pathetic little missile launchers that barely launch the projectile a foot, back in the day, I had a Bionicle that came with a four round, high powered ball launcher that had enough force to kill a great dane. So it just goes to show that toys are going downhill. To emphasize that even more, that same day I saw a toddler on the bus playing on a tablet, she must have been about five years old, when I was five I was rolling down grassy hills, living life to the fullest.

On Thursday, because I'm leaving out the other antics that me, Chris, Josh and Kyle got up to on Monday out of this picture, I watched Rainbow Rocks. And it most definitely lived up to the hype I had built up to it. It's also nice to see something glamourise 80's rock and metal to the younger generations.

On the other hand, my UKofE friend, James, thought that it was a mediocre film, and simply just an excuse for Hasbro to sell more toys. That thought confuses me, for Hasbro is after all a toy manufacturing company (among other things). Read their mission statement (taken from Community Relations):

"Hasbro has a long and proud tradition of empowering childhood worldwide through a variety of philanthropic programs.  We believe that every child is born with the sparkle of hope in their eyes and sometimes, because of life’s challenges, that hope has been diminished. Our mission is to assist these children in triumphing over their critical life obstacles and to bring the joy of play into their lives.  Through our philanthropic programs we work to bring “the sparkle of Hope, the joy of Play and the power of Service” into the lives of the children who need us most."

I have seen the film, and I have read this, I strongly believe that Hasbro are fulfilling their mission by making this film, even if it is just to sell more toys. The one thing to remember is that the My Little Pony franchise started as a toy, and it will always be a toy no matter the form it takes. Bionicle was a toy, yet it had films to go alongside it, Barbie was a toy, yet it had films to go alongside it, Action man, Bratz, Lego and many more. Many toys have films to go alongside them and support them,

I'm all for toys having their own films, and vice versa. What are your thoughts on Rainbow Rocks, and/or other films based on toys?

- George "Kitty" Booth

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