Friday, 17 October 2014

Friendship Report: Confidence, my College Friends, and the Black Leather Coat

Dear Readers,

For the last two weeks I've been feeling rather down, which is why I haven't posted for the last two weeks. I've been feeling sad because I've lost a friend, as I posted about awhile ago, and since then, I've also found out the "real reason" as to why she no longer wants to communicate with me in any way. On the upside, I've now bounced back!

You may have noticed in the last paragraph that I put "real reason" in quotation marks, that was because of bias, she only knew her side of the story and didn't consider mine. So next time you have to make a decision, consider every angle, at least then you're less likely to be hurting someone out of your own selfishness.

That aside, the reason I'm back is all down to confidence, of which I have gained quite a lot. Once I stopped focusing on all the negativity in my life, I realised something. I have only lost one person. I still have my other friends, I still have my friends from college, but more importantly I've still got myself. As long as I remain true to myself, I'll be able to overcome many things

So about my college friends, there are about 15 people on the same course as me, some of whom I like, some I don't, but I'm neutral with most of them. The main ones for me are Chris and Josh, they're who I spend the majority of my time with whilst at college, we often have others join us, and occasionally we have pretty much everyone on the course with us. Usually it's just four of us: me Chris, Josh and the tag-along Kyle.

Whilst I was with most of the group last week, other people started staring at me and calling me names because I was wearing a leather trench coat, (unfortunately, that coats belongs to Nathan). Being stared at doesn't really bother me, being called names doesn't bother me. After all, why should it bother me? After however many years of being called names, and receiving weird looks, you get used to it. Yet, despite it not bugging me in the slightest, everyone else in my group who was there, was getting really offended.

This happened a few times during the three day period in which I had Nathan's coat. I was called all sorts of names, the more common ones were Neo and Doctor Who, some idiot even downloaded the Doctor Who theme tune just to play it whenever I walked past. I have to say, I enjoyed the change, but, I really don't like Doctor Who, and I didn't enjoy being compared to it. The only thing that did confuse me is that no one mentioned Blade, they got Doctor Who out of the trench coat, which doesn't make sense to me. They got Neo out of it, which almost makes sense, but it wasn't the right style for Neo. But no one said Blade, despite the simple fact that that coat was almost identical to the coat Wesley Snipes wears in the Blade movies (it just didn't have the red lining, or the sword pocket),

That coat also got me into trouble with some angry dad at the park outside college. I wasn't breaking any rules in this place specifically built for young people to enjoy themselves, but some father came up to me and had a massive rant. Well I do apologise for enjoying me free time in a way that doesn't involve booze or drugs or petty crimes. It's not the first time I've been targeted in a park for wearing leather, but last time it was because the idiot who approached me strongly believed because of my fingerless leather gloves, I was an axe murderer, or something along those lines.

Moral of that story, don't judge a book by it's cover.

- George Booth

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