Friday, 26 September 2014

Friendship Report: Good Bye Dear Friend

Dear Readers,

If you haven't guessed from the title, I lost a friend this week. Don't worry she hasn't died or anything, we just had what was apparently a major fallout. Either way, I'm classing it as she no longer wants to speak to me or hear from me, which is a shame since she was my biggest fan. So now I shall blast you with a few metaphorical analogies, which should hopefully provide you with at least some good advice.

The first metaphorical analogy I have for you should be quite an obvious one, "Friendship is like a pair of boots, look after them and give them a good polish whenever you can, and they will stay with you for an eternity." For those of you who don't get metaphors, that simply means, look after your friendships, and go out and have fun with them as often as you can.

The second metaphorical analogy I have, I thought up about five minutes ago, but it makes sense to me. "If you wear your boots too much, your feet will stink." I know that is probably the worst analogy I could come up with, but seriously, give your friends some free time. They don't all want to spend every waking second with you.

I'd like to point out that neither of those things have anything to do with the loss of my friend. I'm only saying them simply because ever since the fallout, I've been mulling this article over in my head during my bus trips to and from college. The first of those metaphors came on the trip to college today, when I looked down at my boots. The second came to me when I took my boots off and was bombarded by the unpleasant smell. So I decided to link them both to friendship, and then write about them here.

Now for the loss of my dear friend Zed, but first I'd like to offer a small piece of advice, which she should have learned beforehand. If you say you're going to do something for someone, just do it without complaint. I would turn that into an Advice Mallard meme, but I can't be bothered, and also nopony listens to a duck's advice.

So what happened between me and Zed? It's simple really, she signed herself up as rhythm guitarist in mine and Nath's band, she then said she was only in it until we find some one better, she then refused to play guitar, or do anything else in the band. So I fired her, and me and Nath found a replacement. She hasn't spoken to me since firing her, she just complained to Nathan about me, only to find out that it was a mutual thing, and hasn't said a word since.

I don't believe I'm in the wrong by doing that, I did what I saw to be the best option. I also don't see why she's in such a tiff, she told me herself that her college course was taking up too much time, and she didn't have any free time to practice guitar in.

So if anyone does believe I'm wrong, call me names and argue your point in the comments section below.

- George Booth

So in the off-chance that you read this, I said you were fired from the band, not the friendship circle. I'm still available if you need anything from me.

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