Friday, 12 September 2014

Friendship Report: Decisions

Dear Readers,

We have all come to those times when we need to make a decision, but we just don't know which thing we should chose to do. That may have been something serious, or it may have been something trivial. Either way we all are constantly bashed with the need to decide on something, even things that we shouldn't have to decide on. So let's talk about the sacred art of decision making.

As I may, or may not have posted, I have started an army preparation course at Stoke College, That is only relevant because in the army decision making would be critical, and many of the decisions I make then will depend on whether or not I live or die. And yet here I am, stuck on one simple decision, one that should really mean absolutely nothing to me. Which guitar should I buy next?

I'm stuck between four guitars, I've somehow managed to narrow it down to that. The first is the Gretsch G5420T Electromatic, which I have played and I absolutely adore. The second is the BC Rich Perfect 10 Bich, which more than anything will be an experiment, but a very cool and probably worthwhile one. The third is a BC Rich Bich Double Neck, which would be a very, very, very AWESOME experiment, and would more than likely be very worthwhile. The final one is the Schecter Blackjack A7, which would be interesting to say the least, since it has the extra low B string (which I'll most likely down-tune to A).

Yes, I know your decisions are different to mine, you may be unable to decide whether you should watch Laputa or Princess Mononoke, or maybe you can't decide what you want to snack on, or what to do in your free time. Or maybe it's something a bit more serious,

Either way, the fact is there is a decision that needs to be made, and yet neither of us can make that choice. So now I ask the question, why can't we just make up our minds already? My answer, as per usual, is quite a simple one. It's because we are stuck living in the possibilities of the other option(s). By that I mean as soon as we think we have settled we suddenly decide "Oh, but mint and choc-chip ice cream would be much better." Naturally when we then reach out for the metaphorical mint and choc-chip ice cream, we suddenly decide: "On second thoughts, that lemon meringue pie does look delicious." Thus, the cycle repeats itself.

While this cycle repeats itself, your ice cream will slowly start to melt, and your lemon meringue pie will start attracting the various bugs that have just flown in through the open window, and soon, all your options have been destroyed and you are forced to settle on the last few digestive biscuits that passed their sell by date about two years before hand. yes I realise that was a terrible way to describe the importance of making decisions.

I realise that I sound like a hypocrite for explaining the importance of decisions whilst being stuck on one myself. So I'd like to point out that in the small period of time since describing my options, and now, I have settled on a guitar. I'm going for the Gretsch because it's the most sensible option out there, and it is least likely to make me regret my choice. It's also the cheapest.

As a conclusion think about the long term when it comes to these decisions, in the case of the ice-cream or pie scenario, pick the pie, it's more likely to go bad first, and you should always eat perishables first to avoid wasting them. I will admit, my advice on the matter isn't very good, my usual philosophy is, when applicable, to go for the perishables first. So if that's food about to go bad, or a friendship that needs saving. Perishables come first,

- George Booth

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