Friday, 19 September 2014

Friendship Report: Another Bout of Inspiration

Dear Readers,

This week I have actually learned quite a few things about friendship, unfortunately, I'm not going to talk about the majority of them, until further notice. So I'm going to actually talk about something that happened earlier today, but I'll start it with something that happened on Wednesday, when I made a new friend.

On Wednesday, I was happily chilling at Nathan's house as I normally would on a Wednesday, when his cousin, and her cousin, turned up at the door for a guitar lesson. Me being me decided to help Nathan with his guitar teaching, and I even ended up teaching one of them bass. In the end though we became friends, or at least close to it.

Earlier today me and Nath went over to his cousin's house to give her another guitar lesson. What transpired was actually rather boring, however, at one point I learned that friends were an amazing source of inspiration. It should have occurred to me many times before, but I only fully realised it today.

I learned this because at one point I was told to "just shut up and play guitar," me being me decided to just play a simple chord pattern (G, C, D & Em for those wondering), and then I started to start spamming out random lyrics that I knew would drive her insane. Turns out what I wrote wasn't that bad, albeit, rather offensive, but it did the trick and drove her insane. Once that was done Nath asked me to tell him the chords, which I did, and we started jamming, even adding a few extra verses to it.

I get the feeling that's not going to be enough to convince you that friends can be an amazing source of inspiration, but in one of my previous posts, Nathan commented telling everyone who read it that I was his biggest inspiration. I can even vouch for that, when I'm around he is constantly coming up with new cool things to play on guitar, as soon as I'm gone, not so much.

So yes, I believe friends to be a brilliant source of inspiration. I also know that I've already done at least one other post about inspiration, but that's because I find inspiration to be one of the most important things in my life. Without Stephen King, Ben Croshaw and Christopher Paolini I wouldn't be writing this. Without Matty Lewis, Ray Toro and Charlie Scene, I wouldn't play guitar. I'd now also like to point out that I no longer have any interest in my original inspiration for guitar, my music taste has changed a lot in the last five years.

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