Monday, 22 September 2014

Call of the Cutie Conference

MLP Conference Funded by Brighton University

A report by Hayley Berry

Despite the immediate feelings of shock, dismay and negativity it sparked amongst campaign group members as a result of its actions, Brighton university stood proud earlier this year, when staff there admitted spending funding received from the public on a conference, dedicated to the open discussion and research of the show, 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'.
In total, it was found that £400 money originally from the public went towards the event, causing questions to be asked among those in disapproval of the show's 30-year history being discussed in a number of in-depth talks throughout the nine hour event.

Profits made to the university itself after the event came to a disappointing £16, from the 14 attendees who each paid a £30 fee, to listen to and take part in conversations involving such topics as the show's history, the many mythological stories surrounding it and even the merchandise itself, namely how it links to such artistic expressions as photography and poem writing.

A quote from a university spokesman interviewed regarding the conference states the university's main priorities and commitments lie within "a broad portfolio of applied research that often had low profile, but had high public benefits". This also comes as a direct reply to those who believe the study of what are essentially being seen as "children's toys" was in the end really worth the sheer amount spent, for such little profit in return.

For the spokesman in question at least, the answer seems to be that it is. He was said to have made the point that, in spite of all controversy surrounding the university's spending choices, they still continue to be a highly ranked UK university, proudly supporting almost 7,000 various different jobs in a number of sectors.
They also make a yearly contribution of £700 million pounds to the South East Economy.

With all this in mind, whether or not the university funding the conference was justified, is something I will leave your pony fanatic selves to ponder and maybe come up with your own decision....

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