Friday, 1 August 2014


Heyoo! After reading through George's article where he introduces himself, tells his story of how he came to be the brony writer we know and love, I have to say I was touched. It was some deep stuff. It also inspired me to write my own little thing.
So here's my own introduction! It won't be a weekly thing like he has planned, but I feel as though I should tell my own story too.

So, my name's Jack, I'm from Cardiff, I'm also eighteen years old and I plan on going into video game development and I'll be studying at Wolverhampton so I can eventually get a job literally anywhere making games, that's the dream.

I've been a brony since Luna Eclipsed, so that would be sometime in October 2011, and just like George, being a brony has given me a lot of challenges based around the people I know, most of whom I saw as friends. I got ripped on for it, who wouldn't at fifteen right? But it stops being banter at one point when people you haven't heard of start calling you names, and friends stop talking to you altogether.

My parents took it the worst though when they found out, again, I got ripped on, but that's just family banter right? Although after one too many drunken conversations I knew my parents had some issues about the whole thing so I decided to change their minds.

I made them park their flanks down and watch an episode or two.

They all understood a little bit more then. This show isn't JUST colorful ponies with sparkly marks on their butt that says what they're good at. It teaches a lot more than that, it reminds the *ahem* 'non-standard audience' to cheer up a little more. Life is bleak, we all have our own demons and this beautiful fan-base we have is not just another form of escapism, but therapy.

I took my mum to BUCK last year, she wanted to understand everything a whole lot more. My mother danced to The Living Tombstone, and I have that on camera. She also said that during this convention I was the happiest she's ever seen. This fandom brings out who we really are, we open up to talk to other people just like us, because we know we're not going to be shunned away or made of or laughed at.
And after that? It gives us confidence! We build ourselves up, we shout at the whisperers "Yeah, it's a pony shirt I'm wearing, what of it?!" And we simply stop caring about what others think.

And we all become brighter, happier people. Which is amazing.

I'll see you all at BUCK this year.

Smile! Smile! Smile!

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