Friday, 22 August 2014

Frienship Report: Inspiration & Idols

Dear Reader,

This week I've learned a little something about inspiration and the people we idolise. Of course I don't know who you idolise, I only really know who I do, and more than anything I look up to my oldest brother Chaz for inspiration, who conveniently looks to me for the exact same thing.

It occurred to me that that is probably true for most of the people we idolise, take any musician or actor or author or whatever and chances are they wouldn't be able to find it in them to keep up what they were doing if they didn't have fans who loved their work. I say this because I'm a Youtuber lacking fans and inspiration, I'm also a musician with a fan or two and inspiration.

So why do we look up to certain people and not others? Why is it we want to be like certain people, but never actually be them? Why do we always want the products that they endorse and that they use? Well I for one can't answer those questions in their entirety, but I can answer them in part.

The first of those questions is more for someone who has studied (or is studying) psychology, and I don't actually have an answer for it that wouldn't create some form of philosophical debate that nopony cares about. But here is the answer I have, and it's actually quite disappointing: we simply just like those people more than others.

The next question I find is a bit easier to answer, we want to be like people  for the same reason we idolise them, but we don't want to be them because we still want to put our own mark on the world. In fact a good way to answer this would just be to recommend you to listen to the Octavarium album by Dream Theater, or if you are too lazy, or just don't like Progressive Metal, you can just read about it on Wikipedia or something.

The last question is is tied in with the previous two, only in my opinion the main reason we chose to use the products endorsed by our idols is because we go by the simple ideology that if it's good enough for them it's good enough for us. In my case it's The Ampeg SVT bass rigs that I want solely because Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (one of the many musicians I idolise) uses them.

I know nopony every comments on this blog, but it would be nice if some of you could share with me your idols, and a few reasons why you like them, and if you want to start a philosophical debate with me on the subject previously mentioned, feel free.

- George Booth
P.S. I know the image is a bit poor, but it seemed the most appropriate.

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