Friday, 1 August 2014

Friendship Report: Street Cred & the New Look

Dear Readers,

This week my good friend Ash learned a valuable lesson in friendship, in fact he learned two. Firstly he learned that he can't really choose his friends, sometimes they choose you. He also learned that it doesn't matter if hanging around with one friend ruins your "Street Cred" or whatever you prefer to call it, a friend is a friend no matter what.

I also learned two lessons of my own, but I will save them for a few paragraphs. Onto Ash's lesson, earlier this week, Tuesday to be precise, his mother knocked onto our other friend Nathan's house, which is our regular haunt. At the time when she knocked on none of us were there because we decided to go and check the Pony merch at our local supermarket. Once we received the news, Ash presumed it would be an emergency, it's the only real reason that his mother would turn up at Nathan's house of all places.

As you have probably guessed it wasn't an emergency. It turns out several people have been knocking at his door asking for him, and when they found out he wasn't there they all commented on how his hanging out with me and Nathan is destroying his local reputation. After that anticlimax he turned around and said pretty much exactly what I wrote in the first paragraph..

Onto my lessons, the first of which is that you should never expect the worst from your friends, the second of which is that sometimes it just takes the right person to show you the way. The first lesson was the moral to one of the episodes of the show, I think it was in Party of One. For me that lesson was for a different situation, in this instance I changed my hairstyle, and I was expecting all my friends to insult me and ask me if I'd come out of the closet, but in a ruder manner of course. As it turns out my friends all accept the new G look, which is in fact the temporary G look because the new G look couldn't be held in place by my hair product.

Hair aside I'd like to move onto the next lesson, a nicer lesson, one that had in fact never occurred to me before. My female friend Zaina asked me to bring my guitar to her house the next time I visited, so I did. within a few minutes I had her playing one of her favourite songs, by her favourite band. As it turns out she has had a few people teach her guitar in the past, but to no avail. So it seems to me that all you need is the right person to teach you something, or to start you off at something like playing guitar, or Warhammer, or even watching My Little Pony.

- George RM Booth

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