Friday, 15 August 2014

Friendship Report: Rock 'n' Roll!

Dear Readers,

Yesterday me and my mate Nath were called posers by two girls who think we're not real rockers. It didn't bother me, but I had to hold Nath back before he turned at least one of them into spaghetti sauce (you know, the lumpy kind). It probably didn't bother me on the sole basis that I didn't think they were real prostitutes, despite their attire. Anyway this post isn't about me getting insulted by two idiot teens, it's about stereotypes in general.

Since I'm totally not a Real rocker, I decided to question what it is that makes a stereotype, and what it is exactly that makes us give ourselves labels and other people labels. Also since I'm totally not a Real rocker I think I should try and find out what it is that would make me a Real rocker.

I guess I should start off by liking rock, metal and punk. Oh wait! I do like rock, metal and punk, and my favourite bands of for those genres are Rush, Black Sabbath and Misfits respectively. I have step one nailed at least. Step two would probably be to play an instrument and be in a band. Conveniently enough, I do play an instrument, and I'm the bassist in a metal band called Reincarnated Love.

Where does that leave us, oh yes! Step three would be to dress the part! At the time of my insult I was wearing jeans, black boots, studded leather gloves, a tartan belt and a Zebrahead t-shirt  (not the most rock 'n' roll band) I had just removed my denim cut-off unfortunately since I had taken it to someone to have the Rush 2112 album cover airbrushed onto the back of it, but I still looked the part despite the My Little Pony merchandise in my leather clad hands.

Now I'm left wondering what is left in order to make me a Real rocker. That of course isn't the real question now, is it? The real question is why should I want to be labelled as a Real rocker, when I know in my heart that I am what I am and I don't need to be labelled by society based on  my favourite genres of music or the clothes I wear. Neither does my mate Nath, and neither do any of you.

 Another thing about Nath is that despite the loud music on his phone, and his scary black leather trench coat and his denim cut off with all the badges, the patches and permanent marker, he is a very nice guy. He may have been bought up by a family of heavy metal loving bikers, he may listen to Doyle and Slipknot, but he is a brony and more importantly my best mate, and a gentleman.

I may not have learned anything about friendship this week, but I'm hoping I have at least taught you something, or at least reminded you to never judge a book by its cover.

- George Booth

P.S. Anyone who understood the spaghetti sauce reference please give yourself a pat on the back. 

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