Friday, 18 July 2014

Ponyfinder: Griffons of Everglow Pre-orders now Available for the next two weeks

Greetings Pony fans, it is I Kingofturves, here to bring off the wall news articles for all you fellow Bronies across the UK. So to start off I'm gonna talk about Griffons. "Griffons?" I hear you say, "What about Ponies! Where are the Ponies! Give me more Ponies!" Well patience my good friends and sit around around as I recount the news about Silver Games' latest successful Kickstarter project to be used in conjunction with their 'mane' role play gaming system; Ponyfinder.

Ponyfinder. What is it? Ponyfinder is a role playing game system derived from the RPG system Pathfinder and our favorite TV show Friendship is Magic. It has rules and everything you need to run a D&D style campaign with your favorite Equine races: be it Earth Pony, Pegasus or Unicorn.
Fancy being a bardic earth pony singing songs across the land, conjuring up sorcerous magics as a Unicorn mage or striking down foes with lance as a Pegasus knight.
These are just some examples of the many combinations of equine races and classes that you can combine to suit your style of play.

As an independent commercial project it has it's own campaign setting to in the universe of Everfree, a distinct universe from the world of Equestria with it's own background and history. So you can make use of the player rules and use them in that campaign setting or use it in your own campaign setting and universe.
It was made under the Open Game License and the Pathfinder Compatibility License, which lets Silver Games LLC, create Ponyfinder using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system.
Until Hasbro commission Wizards of the Coast to make us a D&D campaign system set in Equestria (rather than just an April fools*), Ponyfinder is our fanbase's main go to for role play gaming.

So what is Ponyfinder: Griffons of Everfree? Well now you will have the ability to play as as a member of the Griffon race.
"The Campaign Setting for Ponyfinder was a rousing success. It has detailed the world of Everglow, where ponies have created a kingdom for themselves for hundreds of years. But what of the griffons? Lurking high in the mountains, trading primarily with the pegasi, these apex predators are very little known to the rest of the world.
This book pulls back that curtain, showing the history of Everglow from the perspective of the griffons, from the start all the way through to the end of the empire. Learn of the different kinds of griffons, from pride aspected lions to the clever raven headed ones and even the pious prey species that lay themselves humble before the might of their Sun King god.
The book will also go into detail in how griffons approach adventuring, their opinions and attitudes regarding the various classes, and unique racial archetypes to add that special griffon flare to their adventuring lifestyle."**

I hope you have enjoyed my first little article for Bronies UK News, I am your bloggist King of Turves, Pony on!

The Griffons of Equestria is now available for preorder from the following web address:
If you haven't yet purchased a copy of Ponyfinder you can at the following address:
Ponyfinder is also on facebook:


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