Thursday, 17 July 2014

HUB to Marathon Pony in August

The Hub will be running a massive pony marathon on the 4th August, lasting for god-knows how long. Every single episode will be aired, which is now 91 episodes. This is just another reason why the Hub should come to the UK, however that'd be I'd need to get Sky TV again and I honestly can't watch another episode of Two and a Half Men ever again.

Instead, lets have our own marathon. If any of you guys attended Jingle's Marathon meet back when we only had 52 episodes to get though you'll know how crazy it's gonna be to watch all 91. But  it's certainly going to be worth it. Also watch Equestrian Girls while you're at it, and a few episodes of Johnny Bravo for the sake of it.

This is going to a great opportunity to see really how far we've came these past few years and of course is the perfect excuse to catch some episodes which you might have previously overlooked and forgot about.

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