Friday, 18 July 2014

Fundraiser for a Brony in Need!


A brony named Samuel Curd is in need of some assistance. As it turns out his brother has been diagnosed with cancer and is now trapped in Australia wanting to come back home to England.

This is where we come in, on Sunday the 20th of July he is doing a twelve-hour live stream in order to raise the money required to bring his brother home. He isn't asking for much, he only needs £650 ($1000 US) and will be accepting donations via Paypal.

The live stream will consist of lot's of  gaming and drawing. Games he will be playing include Minecraft, Battleblock Theatre and Portal 2. After (and/or between) the games he will be drawing various My Little Pony related pictures, including OC's of people who are watching the stream.

Unfortunately I don't know where the live stream will be held as of yet, but I imagine it will be posted onto the link below nearer to the time.

For more information please see:

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