Saturday, 26 July 2014

First Peak at Season 5 Shown at SDCC!

Here it is, the part of SDCC we've all been waiting for (although I guess that'd be the queuing!), the first sneak peak at Season 5. Unlike last years which had a few clips of the animatics from various different Season 4 scenes, this year we have a full animatic section of what is likely the Season 5 opening episode. For the video and a bit of a closer look into the clip join us after the break.

Here we see the mane 6 in Twilight's new Kingdom with Twilight seemingly over analysing it all and wondering why she got a castle in the first place, whilst Spike is asleep snoring loudly. Obviously we can expect there to be a background score of music throughout during the final version.

Suddenly the floor starts moving and what looks to be a holographic table of sorts appears in the centre of the throne room depicting all of Equestria and a little beyond. Their cutie marks glow and then the map shows them a place to they need to travel to. After some very humorous scenes and Fluttershy being put off by the idea of hanging out with Spike and Big Mac who are planning on having some type of guys day in and watch Hoofball, the mane six head off on another adventure. They come across a town where Pinkie Pie exclaims how she is extremely suspicious of smily the residents of the town are. They're cutie marks also are all simply black equals signs and nothing more.

What I loved about this animatic is it didn't spoil anything, even though it was a straight up 4 and a half minutes of the first episode and built a ton of hype, it still managed to keep all the good stuff hidden away. I wonder what's up with this town? Do they have something to hide? I wonder what villains we might see this time around!

EDIT: Also Preview of Rainbow Rocks! Watch it here!
Those -mean- girls are stirring some trouble aren't they!

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