Saturday, 12 July 2014

BronyScot Announces Rock Nessie and First Wave of Musicians!

Art By Amy Methven

Well we know you’ve all been waiting for it! Now announcing the most anticipated event at BronyScot, Rock Nessie! Taking place on the evening of the Saturday, the main hall of the Hilton will transform into a lively party where for the next couple of hours a fantastic selection of musicians from the fandom will perform.

Rock Nessie is the perfect place to let down your hair and celebrate all what it means to be brony to the beat of great music.

We shall be announcing musicians in the coming weeks. First up is the ever hardcore Vegard Dybvad, otherwise known as Injustrial. Vegard brings his own flavour of industrial music, the likes that hasn’t quite been seen in the fandom before. Travelling all the way from Norway, this brony is dedicated to the fandom. His hits can be found here over on YouTube or Bandcamp.

"Injustrial is the result of a bit too much partying and the fact that there is no sun in Norway. This lone madman finally gave in to the voices in his head and decided to singlehandedly spearhead Industrial music within the fandom. Throbbing basses, screeching synthesizers, brutal vocals and copious amounts of distortion are the hallmarks of this seriously aggressive producer. Don't miss out on the chance to witness the dark side of the Brony Fandom. Distortion is Magic!"

Next up we have Sketchy Sounds. You might have heard us on his radio show the other week, he's certainly charismatic! His covers of the show's songs are only beaten by his own hits which definitely were a pleasure to listen to. Check out his YouTube channel here.

"Sketchy Sounds is a multi-talented musician, artist, and writer from Scotland. His musical style draws mainly on folk and acoustic influences, and he has covered various other artists' tracks in this style, along with writing some originals of his own. He is also a regular contributor to Everfree Network, where he can be seen on Thursday nights taking requests from a live audience.
Sketchy will be bringing his acoustic stylings to Rock Nessie this year."

More musicians will be announced shortly. So keep a close eye on our Facebook and Twitter Feeds!

With the announcement of Rock Nessie also comes the last few days that Early Bird tickets will be available. We’ve almost sold out of Early Birds, but regardless of numbers we will be keeping them on sale until midnight on Monday July 14th. So if you’re eager to get a discount make sure you buy them while you can over at

Standard tickets will be on sale straight after Early Bird Tickets come off of sale and are only £6 more. Nessie's Treasure Trove Tickets are also still available, as are vendor tickets.

Also note that any BronyScot Ticket (Early Bird, Standard, TT or Vendor Tickets) WILL grant you access to the entire convention AND to Rock Nessie, there isn’t separate tickets for Rock Nessie, it’s all covered.

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