Monday, 16 June 2014

MarePlay UK 24 Hour Livestream Fundraiser!

Everyone's favourite pony retailer, Mareplay UK is hosting a live stream event this Saturday at 12 mid-day until 12 mid-day Sunday. That's a whopping 24 hours of live stream.

The live stream is to help Mareplay's founder, Bunny to raise money for a van. Which is not only a big dream of his but also will benefit his business greatly, since he'll be able to get around to even more events with all the pony goodness. Mareplay will truly be the traveling Pony Sales place of the UK!

The event will obviously be all about gaming, there'll be a ton of viewer participation wherever possible and a ton of chances to grab some freebies, which you'll have to watch the stream to find out more about!

Also, embedded after the break! But you're best off watching it straight from his channel!

Watch live video from MarePlayUK on

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