Tuesday, 17 June 2014

PonyCons Application hits the App Store!

Wah! I'm pretty impressed here. Wasn't expecting this tonight! So a few guys over on the twitter have made a damn nifty iOS application that lists ALL pony conventions in the world, past and upcoming. It has links to all of their websites and social media and even gives you the ability to check by show guests and see what cons they have previously gone to and will be going to next!

This is some great stuff. I'd highly recommend checking it out just for the sheer interest of it. Seeing the little pins on the world map showing each con is pretty special.

Monday, 16 June 2014

MarePlay UK 24 Hour Livestream Fundraiser!

Everyone's favourite pony retailer, Mareplay UK is hosting a live stream event this Saturday at 12 mid-day until 12 mid-day Sunday. That's a whopping 24 hours of live stream.

The live stream is to help Mareplay's founder, Bunny to raise money for a van. Which is not only a big dream of his but also will benefit his business greatly, since he'll be able to get around to even more events with all the pony goodness. Mareplay will truly be the traveling Pony Sales place of the UK!

The event will obviously be all about gaming, there'll be a ton of viewer participation wherever possible and a ton of chances to grab some freebies, which you'll have to watch the stream to find out more about!

Also, embedded after the break! But you're best off watching it straight from his channel!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Poll Results: Best Princess?

Looks like the usual contender has won the Best Princess poll. It's no surprise anyway, with how dark and edgy everyone is. Sadly poor little Cadance has lost, seriously though guys she had the best singing voice in the Season 4 finale, not Luna, surely that has to amount to something!

Though it is funny how close Celestia came, she's not too far behind Luna. I bet Twilight would come a lot higher on the best Mane6 poll, guessing she's not quite ready yet to be crowned "Best Princess".