Friday, 16 May 2014

Season 4 Comes to an End, and What a Fantastic Season it's Been!

Season 4 has been incredible, it truly has been the best Season so far. It's an odd feeling really, as it's been somewhat different than Season 2, back during the height of the fandom and where everything felt fresh and new. We've definitely settled into things now, but I do think Season 4 has brought the hype back to many people. I saw myself at the Manechester Finale Showing last Saturday not wearing a brony shirt nor sporting any merchandise. But by the end of the night I was regretting not doing and I know for a fact next time i'm at a brony meet i'll gladly be 'bronying' it up as best I can.

I've been pretty damn busy over at BronyScot since for past few months have been really critical in terms of planning with getting tickets on sale yesterday and all sorts of other stuff. We'll be welcoming our volunteer team later this week, which is great news. Even though the next few months are probably going to be even more hectic i'll be making sure I post other stuff here more often, I already have a few articles in draft I need to finish up, though they'll need updating now Twilight's Kingdom has aired.

There should be plenty to come from this site over the next few months. The hiatus before Season 5 will not be as boring as you might think, with Equestria Girls 2 and all the awesome conventions happening this summer. I'm considering extending this site and looking for more authors in the next few months, i'm unsure how I am going to go about doing this but if you think you'd be interested be sure to get in touch.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

BronyScot Opening Ticket Sales on Thursday 15th May!

Now for the second most exciting announcement of this month, you know after the big Pok√©mon reveal and all. We know you've all been waiting for this and the wait is almost over. Yes, you heard that right! We are to be releasing tickets to BronyScot 2014 on Thursday the 15th May at 7:30pm. They'll be available on our website over at

All tickets grant you access to both the Saturday and Sunday, they also include the party on the Saturday night. Get your tickets quick for a tasty discount with the Early Bird Tier, for only £29. After that they'll be £35.

There's also Nessie's Treasure Trove Tier, which has a bunch of extra goodies for anyone who's wanting to give a little extra to make the event successful! For £99 you'll get entry to the con, entry to the party, exclusive t-shirt, a badge set and art print.

Vendor tickets will also be on sale, so for you guys who are eager to sell your wares at BronyScot make sure you check the ticket page over on our site this coming Thursday for the full scoop.