Saturday, 8 March 2014

To the Big Apple I Go to Collect as Much Pony Merch as I can!

I know this is a somewhat unusual post for this blog. I tend to post news or some type of article, but heck i've had tremendous writers block for a few weeks now so I can't really pass up the opportunity to write something when it's raised my interest.

As it happens I'm going to New York in two weeks, as this year marks my 21st, my brother's 18th and my father's 60th and retirement. Though we're in fact going on my mother's birthday. Family celebrations aside, there's one specific thing I am very excited for. Ok, there's the obvious stuff. Just being in New York for one is going to be incredible, as will trying all the awesome food, riding in a yellow cab and visiting all the cool land marks. But there's one other important thing I don't want to miss out on whilst i'm over in the states and that's The Cheap and Exclusive Pony Merch!

I guess the main three places I need to visit will be Toys R US, Target and the dreaded Hot Topic. Already i'm looking at just £8 for Funko Vinyl figurines, which is a massive saving. Also just for £20 I can get the Favourite Collection, the set that includes Queen Fleebag, Shiny, Cadance, their baby Skylar and Derpy. It also includes a Lyra that hasn't been dipped in a pint of guinness (yes that happened once at a meet).

A side note from all of this. I'll be considered a minor again when I go, since i'm not 21 until June. That's honestly one of the weirdest concepts. I've been able too purchase alcohol and do pretty much anything I wanted for almost three years now but in the US i'm technically not allowed to be left in the hotel room alone. So either i'll get arrested for J-Walking or no one will care. Either way, I think it's going to be really interesting to see how different New York is to Yorkshire York London. As far as I know their subway lines are named weird and the city is made up of blocks rather than how in London it's sort of just "place everything wherever without a second thought".

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