Thursday, 13 March 2014

The World Wide Web turns 25

So this means Ponies pre-date the WWW, that's pretty funky to know. But then without the web our fandom would never have reached such levels. Sure they'd be fans but without this fantastic meeting place in cyberspace people's creativity would never have been free to be seen, for many they would have never been able to get the inspiration to start. Not only that but thanks to the web we've been able to meet so many other nutters who love the stuff we do, which is probably one of the greatest things ever. Heck, when I was in primary school I was in a class of about five guys and 26 girls, which might be cool in College but back when you're a kid it's a bit crappy for finding people who have the more geekier interests.

So, well done to the web for living this long, lets hope you keep on going for another 25 years yet!

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