Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Rainbow Dash Joining the Wonderbolt Reserves, Finally!

A synopsis for an upcoming episode has revealed that Rainbow Dash will be taking a test. I wonder if she'll forget her pants? Well, this isn't a written test, or at least I wouldn't expect it is since if Dash passes she'll become a member of the Wonderbolts Reserves.

Honestly, I'm so pleased with this small announcement, even if the episode doesn't turn out all that well it's just the character development there in just one line of text, it's brilliant. I don't know why it has never occured to me before, the only way Rainbow Dash could be a Wonderbolt is by being on the reserve list! Since, she's damn good, we all know that, she's saved the Wonderbolts on many occasions and has time and time again showed them how capable of a flyer she is. Heck she's proved to be probably better than most of the current members. But she could never really become a Wonderbolt as it would take her away from Ponyville, ultimately taking her away from the show for the most part. So her being on the Reserves makes a ton of sense, she'll technically be a Wonderbolt (finally!) and she'll still be able to continue being the weather pony for Ponyville and going on all those crazy adventures with her friends.

Really can't wait for this episode now and I'm not even the biggest fan of Dash episodes. Also as a side thing, I love every time it is confirmed that the Wonderbolts are in fact a military organisation, rather than show flyers.

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