Thursday, 13 March 2014

Maud Pie Does Not Like Gummy's Shenanigans!

You guys remember a few weeks back when Weird Al visited Ponyville?  Well not only did he have all the bronies singing along to his Polkas (and a few tumblr artist's buying new fangled musical instruments!) the episode in question brought up quite the interesting headcanon crashing topic of, who's Pinkie's new sister than was photoshopped into that photo from back when she got her cutiemark, never mind who took the photo in the first place!

Well, turns out she was indeed added for a reason. Pinkie's new sister, Maud, is appearing in this Saturday's episode and damn she's looking great. Sort of has an expression like she's just so completely done with everyone and everything. Also that blue coat thing, what's there not to like! I'm gonna assume her special talent is putting up with Pinkie's shit. According to the synopsis of this episode the rest of the mane 6 aren't going to get on with her! Maybe she eats ponies? We'll have to wait till Saturday to find out.

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