Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Dark Skyes: Yeah, It's Bogus.

As it's my duty as a journalist to a report on whats correct (such as the time aliens landed in Covent Garden) I am obliged to mentioned, though you should have known the get go, that the Pony Dating Sim game posted a few days ago happens to be a huge scam by a "comedy troupe" Million Dollar Entertainment. Good ol' /mlp/ decided to go on a rampage to properly expose the scam, and well they did just that. This has caused the Kickstarter to drop massively from 4200 dollars to around 1500 and is expected to drop further.
One of the guys behind this scam came forward with a damage control video, which though hilarious in many ways I won't link to on here as it contents less than savoury material, though it won't be hard to find it if you want a few laughs.

As it happens, the Game Devs, I mean Scam Artists are being shamed as massive failures in all sense of the word. Now, if someone would make a real dating sim with horses, that'd be pretty nifty right? Remember, they're meant to be like Professor Layton, I am pretty damn sure of it.

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