Monday, 10 March 2014

Bronies in Bob's Burgers.

If you're not familiar with Bob's Burgers, then I suggest checking it out. There's a ton of strange cartoons aimed at the teenage and young male audience but never quite make it to the same prime time spots as shows like South Park and Family Guy. Probably because these other shows tend to be a little rubbish in many respects, usually their animation isn't something to go crazy for. But they always have something about them that makes them quite enjoyable, I believe. Bob's Burgers is probably one of the better out of these sorts of series.

As it happens there is going to be an episode in the up-coming series that pays homage to our sub-culture. The episode is called  "The Equestranauts" which to me sounds like the name of Equestria's astronauts that landed on Luna's butt that one time. But yeah, I do hope it's a sci-fi in Bob's universe because that'd be a cool twist. Could get the Trekies and Bronies out in one episode.

The synopsis involves one of Bob's daughters, Tina goes to her first convention where she is shocked to see that most of the fans are middle aged men. Bob then has to go on a sick adventure to get Tina's rare pony toy that a big fan basement dweller stole. So, they seem to be showing our fandom in a good light, I am sure there will be a ton of fedora's and euphoria raining down from the heavens in this episode, totally appropriate.

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