Sunday, 9 March 2014

A Pony Japanese Style Dating Sim? Now we've seen it all!

Well, here we have it, a pony dating game. Shouldn't be too surprised really to see this, but before any of you guys start shaming the game just because of that one here Brony Dating Site (that's ran by scammers btw) this game is actually pretty damn nifty. It's PG13, like many dating sims, they're more about building friendships and falling in love rather than getting nasty behind the bikesheds. Oh and don't forget the puzzle solving and story telling, some of you might not know this but Prof. Layton is secretly a dating sim, this is legit I swear. The Game Developers are holding a Kickstart fund riser, you can check that out here. 

The art work is damn amazing and the voice acting is very nice. The game is heavily referencing Japanese Dating Sims and isn't really all that MLP:FiM beyond the character's base design, which hopefully should be enough to keep Hasbro's ban hammer away. Now the game makers are promising a lot, with over 100+ hours of game play, frankly i'd be happy we just a 2 hour game, but if they are confident they can produce something of such scale, all the luck to them.

One of the most particular things to come from this project happens to be it's promo video. Seriously, one of the guys on the team is wearing some freaky ass mask and going sick with voice filters throughout. It's sort of scary yet intriguing. At least the music is pretty damn good. Also for those wondering who the artist is, it's someone who goes by the name PYOO-Kee-Pony, check her Deviant Art account out her artwork is some of the best i've came across.

As weird as some of  you guys might find this and general response when i've told people tends to be that of fear, cringe and disbelief. But I do think this game has some great potential, I know these sort of games are hugely popular among some people and i've even noticed some non-bronies expressing their interest, which is always nice. I've never played a dating sim before so I can't really be a judge on this sort of thing, but at the same time I wouldn't dismiss this completely. I wish the game developers all the luck in their endeavour and if you can donate, go ahead.

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