Saturday, 8 February 2014

What Other Celebrity Appearances Would You Love to See?

So we've had Weird Al make a celebrity appearance now, it got me thinking, what other celebrities might we see on the show in the coming years? Also, what do you guys prefer, specific Celebrity appearances, or characters that reference characters from other shows that their actors have played. So yeah, Cheese Sandwich or Discord, basically. Probably an unfair choice since Discord is just pure (in)-perfection. Point being, Discord was based on Q, but his character was decided before they got De Lancie to play him where as Cheese Sandwich was design around the appearance of Weird Al. Ok, there's not much a difference in the two types of character appearances i've described, but you get what am getting at, yeah? Yeah.

Anyway back to my first question. I think the show is in desperate need of appearances from the following celebrities, found after the break!

Jack Black.
Justin Bieber, as he is the biggest fan of the show, it is confirmed, no question.
President. George W Bush Junior.
The guy from Ace Ventura.
Weird Al.
Jean-Luc Picard Patrick Stewart.
Jack Black.
Tara Strong (Not playing Twilight, but instead herself).
Cave Johnson.
Steve Jobs (Playing a member of the Apple Family).
President. George W Bush Senior.
Darren Brown.
The Harlem Globe Trotters.
Obama (Before he was President).
Jack Black.
Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
Mando Pony as Season 5 Opening Villain.

Any others? I'm sure we can fit a few more in before Season 6 airs. Post your celebrity desires in the comment section below!

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