Monday, 10 February 2014

Twitter Tweet Tweet!

Probably should have done this a while back to be honest, but for some reason I choose not to. We now have a twitter account. Basically going to use it to hopefully boost article views, but at the same time i'll probably be tweeting little things from time to time so it'll be worth following!

You can find our twitter other at @UKBronies! Follow, retweet and all that jazz!

On that note, I have chosen to close our Deviant Art Group, it wasn't really useful to be honest. I was intending to use it to showcase contest entries, but it's much nicer to do that straight here on the blog!
Though on a nicer note! I hadn't really noticed, but apparently our Tumblr blog got over hundred posts the other day, Ripdash is doing a great job over there. If you like completely random reblogs follow our tumblr!

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