Saturday, 15 February 2014

Rainbow Rocks: Blast Back to the 80's

Rainbow Rocks has now been properly announced and even a bit of a teaser has been released. Wouldn't call it a trailer, it doesn't show much about the plot minus the obvious stuff that the title gives us. But it does give us a feel what the music might be like. Imagine if Daniel Ingram, the cast of Highschool Musical and some 80's pop band got a lil' tipsy one night and this was the result. According to the man himself, there's going to 18 songs in this movie, can't wait to hear them.

My initial response to the opening scene was rather negative. It was exactly what everyone was scared about the first movie that made me dislike the scene where they're sat in the band room, sucking and one of them complaining where another band member is. It was just cliched to say the least. However this moment was saved quickly with the entrance of everyones favourite diva, Rarity. Applejack predicts it with annoyance then suddenly the doors burst open with Rarity on top of a piano being pushed by two big beefy guys. Now this brings me on to my favourite thing about the first film and something I really do hope they fill this one up with, references to previous episodes. The two guys pushing the piano were Diamond Dogs, fitting seeing how Rarity handled them last time.

It would appear that DJ Pon 3 will be a big character in this movie, I assume she might be in the rival band or act as a sort of guru to the mane 6 teaching them all the ins and outs of music and performing. There's also a lot of talk of Trixie being in this and Sunset Shimmer maybe not being completely reformed after all.

Personally i'm quite hyped for Equestria Girls 2, I loved seeing the first film in the cinema and i'm excited to see another one there as well, hopefully this time around it'll be in more cinemas than the really obscure ones. As much as I can agree with everyone that an actual Pony Movie would be awesome, I still love the Canterlot High world, it makes a nice change from our usual.

Granny Smith's really got some moves!

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