Tuesday, 4 February 2014

BUCK 2014 Dates, Venue and Ticket Info Announced!

BUCK has released their dates, venue and tickets have gone on sale. Now I know Birmingham was being thrown about for the last few months but for you midlanders I have to apologise, BUCK'll be in Manchester again on August 23rd - 24th.

This year they'll be heading across the road to Manchester Central, where the Summer Sun Celebration was held last year and MCM Manchester is held. It's a bigger venue that's for sure, I do love Bridge Water but I guess if you want the con to expand you do need to shift over to larger event spaces. I feel we'll be seeing many more vendors this time around as well.

Check out their new site for more details and information for vendors!

The Summer Sun Celebration returns on Friday August 22nd the night before the convention. For £20 a ticket this is perfect for everyone. It was just such a brilliant event last year. As I mentioned in my BUCK review I would have still been impressed with BUCK even if I managed to somehow oversleep and miss the actual con, I enjoyed the SSC that much. Luckily I didn't oversleep or anything, but my point stands, the SSC made BUCK last year, it's truly the unmissable part. Unless you hate music or something, but how can anyone hate music? Music is wonderful!

Now, ticket prices are a littttle higher than last year. Ok, £80 is a lot higher than last year and I don't really see how it's a fair price to be honest. There's gotta come a point when people stop and think "i'm spending an awful lot of money on an event for ponies". But the early bird special deal is pretty damn fine, £65 works out the same revenue as last year, since they now have to pay VAT and all that jazz. So as long as the early bird special lasts a good few months, i'll be happy enough with the ticket prices. If it ends before April though i'll be majorly disappointed!

Despite everyone's complaints about ticket prices, my one true complaint is the fact that once again the event is going to be held on the same weekend as Manchester Pride Parade, the largest LGBT event in the North, heck quite possibly the Country. The hotel prices are hugely inflated on the Saturday because of the parade. The Friday hotels cost about £30 for a two person room, same on the Sunday. But on the Saturday they shoot up, even at this early date, to £130.  Love BUCK and the guys behind it, but this just seems odd to me that is has to be on that date, why can't it be a week before? I guess maybe they didn't want to clash with any American conventions as to try and secure some awesome guests. I suggest there is only one option! Get the hotel rooms for Friday and Sunday, but for Saturday we all stay out partying all night long. That pretty much happens anyway each year, so might as well save a few quid while you're at it.

One nice little thing though, BUCK are using a new ticketing service that actually send you physical tickets, which is pretty swanky after all.

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