Sunday, 23 February 2014

BronyScot Venue and Date Announced!

On behalf of the BronyScot Events Committee I am proud to be making the announcement that BronyScot 2014 will be held at The Hilton Grosvenor Hotel in the wonderful City of Edinburgh. The event will be taking place over the weekend of the 11th and the 12th of October. We’re extremely excited about the venue for numerous reasons. It is in the heart of the city, just down Princes Street and close to Haymarket Station. It’s very easy to get to from pretty much anywhere in the city. A short 15 minute walk from Edinburgh Waverley Station, or next to no time via bus or tram.

It’s a great venue, with a main hall that can seat three hundred people, that then leads out into a bustling vendor area. Then there are plenty of large breakaway rooms which will house all sorts of fun activities during the event. On the evening the main hall will be used for a wicked party where a great range of some of the best musicians the fandom has to offer will play late into the night.

Keep your eyes peeled on our website as we’ll be updating it with a bunch of important information in the coming weeks, such as examples of hotels you could stay at and different transportation methods to the City and Venue. We’ll also detail cheap parking locations for you guys driving to the event. Plus other stuff like money saving tips, boring stuff like convention rules and awesome stuff like information on volunteer and vendor applications.

If you’re not already, follow our Facebook and Twitter Pages for all the updates and banter!

We hope you can join us for Scotland’s first brony convention!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

De Lancie's Brony Documentary Coming to DVD in the UK!

You all should remember De Lancie's documentary Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Fans of My Little Pony. Well it's finally being released on DVD over here in the UK and is being distributed by Wienerworld, a London based company.
They are the exclusive distributors of the DVD in the UK and will be releasing it on the 14th April. The DVD can be pre-ordered for a special price over on the webpage found here.

Also, Wienerworld have been nice enough to offer us a few copies to give away in a competition! More information will be made available when we get our hands on the DVD, so watch this space for your chance to win! I'll also be writing a review in the coming weeks of the documentary, surprising enough I have yet to see it so this will be something new to me as well.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day!

Valentines Day has came and gone for another year. Did any of you guys actually do what you're meant to do on Valentines day, you know, send an anonymous symbol or message to your crush. Like leaving a rose on their door step, randomly ordering a pre-paid pizza to their house or maybe gifting them something on their steam wish list. I surely hope you all did.

Rainbow Rocks: Blast Back to the 80's

Rainbow Rocks has now been properly announced and even a bit of a teaser has been released. Wouldn't call it a trailer, it doesn't show much about the plot minus the obvious stuff that the title gives us. But it does give us a feel what the music might be like. Imagine if Daniel Ingram, the cast of Highschool Musical and some 80's pop band got a lil' tipsy one night and this was the result. According to the man himself, there's going to 18 songs in this movie, can't wait to hear them.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Twitter Tweet Tweet!

Probably should have done this a while back to be honest, but for some reason I choose not to. We now have a twitter account. Basically going to use it to hopefully boost article views, but at the same time i'll probably be tweeting little things from time to time so it'll be worth following!

You can find our twitter other at @UKBronies! Follow, retweet and all that jazz!

On that note, I have chosen to close our Deviant Art Group, it wasn't really useful to be honest. I was intending to use it to showcase contest entries, but it's much nicer to do that straight here on the blog!
Though on a nicer note! I hadn't really noticed, but apparently our Tumblr blog got over hundred posts the other day, Ripdash is doing a great job over there. If you like completely random reblogs follow our tumblr!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

What Other Celebrity Appearances Would You Love to See?

So we've had Weird Al make a celebrity appearance now, it got me thinking, what other celebrities might we see on the show in the coming years? Also, what do you guys prefer, specific Celebrity appearances, or characters that reference characters from other shows that their actors have played. So yeah, Cheese Sandwich or Discord, basically. Probably an unfair choice since Discord is just pure (in)-perfection. Point being, Discord was based on Q, but his character was decided before they got De Lancie to play him where as Cheese Sandwich was design around the appearance of Weird Al. Ok, there's not much a difference in the two types of character appearances i've described, but you get what am getting at, yeah? Yeah.

Anyway back to my first question. I think the show is in desperate need of appearances from the following celebrities, found after the break!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Winter Brony Party was a great success!

So if anyone has been wondering where exactly i've been for the last few days i've been ponying it up over in the capital. Saturday held the day of the Winter Brony Party, certainly was the best event to bring in a fresh year of meet ups and events. Rather than having a group of guys wonder about the streets, we were in a lovely warm bar with some fantastic music, perfect for the season. Venturing from Bank down towards Leadenhall Street there it stood, the Pause Bar. Being a basement bar it's almost hidden from plain sight. Glad I turned up fashionably late as to avoid any queuing, though the guys on the door were very quick at checking us in and stamping our hands.

As we descend into the bar we're met with booming brony music. Have to say, even when the musicians weren't playing, the play list was exceptionally well chosen. I think I must have heard a good chunk of brony songs I weren't familiar with and they were great! It was lovely seeing people I haven't seen since BUCK, heck in some cases June. Though it was rather hard to catch up properly since the party was in full swing, but that wasn't much a problem. The bar had a nice selection of drinks i've never seen before and some pony cocktails that weren't the ones that float about tumblr and take centre stage during evenings after every Yorkshire Bronies meet. I stuck to a Japanese beer, probably because my inner weeb was calling, or the fact that it was probably the cheapest item on the menu that wasn't Thames water. Despite what some were saying, the prices were extremely reasonable for a bar in central London.

First event of the evening, happy birthday wishes with cake! Always a good way to start a party off.

First performance of the night was the wicked duo, Acoustic Brony and as always they amazed. Wasn't expecting a Jack Black parody, but we got one, it was pretty mental. Then we moved onto the EU voice actors, French Rarity and Swedish Spitfire, nice to see them again after Galacon. Then things got a little weird, probably the Japanese beer! Oh then Tombstone started doing his thing, his thing is always good.

General concenous was this event was brilliant! It indeed was, would recommend anyone attending any future party like this, you sure to have a great time!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Let It Go! - Tombstone's Remix

Might not be strictly pone but I couldn't pass on posting this. Tombstone's really outdone himself with this one. I loved Frozen, was a lovely film that made a good effort to be a Disney classic. I knew I loved this song since I found myself humming it for weeks after leaving the cinema. Tomb's made it even more amazing, his remix makes me want to get up and dance! Find the song after the break!

He'll be posting the mastered version on his YouTube channel on Wedneday, for now you can check it out over on his tumblr!

Let the storm rage on!

BUCK 2014 Dates, Venue and Ticket Info Announced!

BUCK has released their dates, venue and tickets have gone on sale. Now I know Birmingham was being thrown about for the last few months but for you midlanders I have to apologise, BUCK'll be in Manchester again on August 23rd - 24th.

This year they'll be heading across the road to Manchester Central, where the Summer Sun Celebration was held last year and MCM Manchester is held. It's a bigger venue that's for sure, I do love Bridge Water but I guess if you want the con to expand you do need to shift over to larger event spaces. I feel we'll be seeing many more vendors this time around as well.