Thursday, 6 February 2014

Winter Brony Party was a great success!

So if anyone has been wondering where exactly i've been for the last few days i've been ponying it up over in the capital. Saturday held the day of the Winter Brony Party, certainly was the best event to bring in a fresh year of meet ups and events. Rather than having a group of guys wonder about the streets, we were in a lovely warm bar with some fantastic music, perfect for the season. Venturing from Bank down towards Leadenhall Street there it stood, the Pause Bar. Being a basement bar it's almost hidden from plain sight. Glad I turned up fashionably late as to avoid any queuing, though the guys on the door were very quick at checking us in and stamping our hands.

As we descend into the bar we're met with booming brony music. Have to say, even when the musicians weren't playing, the play list was exceptionally well chosen. I think I must have heard a good chunk of brony songs I weren't familiar with and they were great! It was lovely seeing people I haven't seen since BUCK, heck in some cases June. Though it was rather hard to catch up properly since the party was in full swing, but that wasn't much a problem. The bar had a nice selection of drinks i've never seen before and some pony cocktails that weren't the ones that float about tumblr and take centre stage during evenings after every Yorkshire Bronies meet. I stuck to a Japanese beer, probably because my inner weeb was calling, or the fact that it was probably the cheapest item on the menu that wasn't Thames water. Despite what some were saying, the prices were extremely reasonable for a bar in central London.

First event of the evening, happy birthday wishes with cake! Always a good way to start a party off.

First performance of the night was the wicked duo, Acoustic Brony and as always they amazed. Wasn't expecting a Jack Black parody, but we got one, it was pretty mental. Then we moved onto the EU voice actors, French Rarity and Swedish Spitfire, nice to see them again after Galacon. Then things got a little weird, probably the Japanese beer! Oh then Tombstone started doing his thing, his thing is always good.

General concenous was this event was brilliant! It indeed was, would recommend anyone attending any future party like this, you sure to have a great time!

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