Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Useful websites for the Card Game!

A few interesting websites have popped up centred around the CCG. I think at the current time they're sort of fighting it out to see who's going to be the go to place for the card game community though I do think i've picked out a few of the ones that seem to be something something unique enough that they can all survive. I guess it'll be up to you guys in the end!

First we have a UK based community site that includes a blog for news concerning the CCG and a forums for players to post about their decks, arrange tournaments and generally just chat about the game. The site can be found here!

We also have PonyHead! Loving the name by the way. This site lists all the cards in detail and even allows you to build your deck using the visual deck builder. What's great about this is you can then share the customer URL with anyone so they can view your deck. 

Someone's created a wikia for the CCG, not sure how in-depth it is yet but this might be quite a fantastic resource in the coming months for people interested in playing.

Finally we have a site named cutiemark! They do have a forums and things but what's most interesting with this site is they're selling singles. So if there is a specific card your looking for this is the perfect place to go.

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