Saturday, 4 January 2014

Trixie is looking rather Punk!

So Walmart released some pictures of a new Trixie doll in the Equestria Girls range. She looks goth punk as hell. If the dolls weren't so flimsy i'd consider buying more of them, only got the Twi and Sunset shimmer set myself. Where as MLP toys tend to be a little 'hardy' and sort of have that unbreakable feel to them, the Equestria Girls dolls feel like they'd snap in two if you played with them too hard. Shame really because some of them looks dead stylish!

Check out the pic after the break!

Who can say no to that hat, those boots and that fishnet skirt. Now, just sit back and imagine what they'd have for a Chrysalis doll! That'd be too much punk to handle, our eyes would probably explode. I also get 10% off at Walmart now, so that's fun.

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