Wednesday, 22 January 2014

TODAY Interviews Darren McMullen

As a follow up from my post yesterday about the National Geographic series, Outsiders. The Australian breakfast show "TODAY" interviewed Darren McMullen about the series. They talk quite a bit about us bronies and there's some awesome footage. Totally so some familiar faces in the centre of the camera! Check out the interview after the break!

Apparently there are 8000,000 of us. Yeah, eight million. Not sure where they got the stats, but that certainly is pretty damn awesome. I knew there were a ton of us really but never really knew quite how many. Now all we need to do is form our own sovereign state and the conventions will never end! The other "Outsiders" do seem really interesting as well, such as the people that have built a time travel machine. It's probably legit to be honest as well, you know, time travel is totally possible. Oh and there's a lot of vikings and drinking, which oddly enough ties into bronies pretty well.

I also got an email from the lovely people who worked on the show. We'll be seeing it on the UK National Geographic channel in a few months, so don't panic!

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