Friday, 10 January 2014

[Spoilers] Diva Discord!

Not sure if i've ever posted spoilers as such here, think i've always avoided them like the plague. It's not a biggy, I'd say it's worth checking out just for the sheer win this episode synopsis has. But i'll be courteous, you have been warned. In fact, I might add a no-spoilers mode link to the site if anyone is interested in hiding them altogether! Though I guess the title totally gives it away, but you know, the second you see that spoiler box you need to train yourself to pull the power cord from your computer. What about if you're using a laptop, phone or tablet? Out of the Window they go! Read on after the break.

So anyway, the full synopsis of "Three's a Crowd" was released recently and it details who the sick friend is that is preventing Twilight from spending some quality time with Princess Cadance. It's no one else but Discord! I knew I was going to enjoy this episode because I adore Cadance, but I was under the impression the sick friend would have been one of the mane 6, so I wasn't exactly looking forward to it anything beyond any other episode. However now we know Discord is in it, oh boy! It's going to be hilarious, that's for sure. Discord is set to be his pesky self whilst he is ill, which does begs the question, how exactly did the God of Chaos get sick and what exactly is he sick with? I am going to assume he is dying because of lack of chaos, you know, like how Rodger from one of Seth Macfarlane's dying TV shows starts to rot away when he quits being bitchy to everyone. The end of this episode will see Discord turning the Crystal Empire into the new capital of chaos and there is nothing Cadance or Twilight can do about it.

Oh it's likely the episode where he's going to be singing, lets hope this Discord song doesn't have so many wubs. Episode due to broadcast on the 25th January.

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