Saturday, 11 January 2014

Season V is Confirmed Because Roman Numerals Are Cool

Surely you all know by now that our masters have teased us with a new revelation. This addition to the book of chromosomes was sent down from the heavens, stating one important fact.

"Season 5 is confirmed"

Get hype! I always love to hear about the next season being confirmed, especially when it's this early into a currently airing season. It means we know we practically have at least another two years of mucking around posting ponies. It's not even like we can ask the entire "what's your hopes for Season x" thing, since we still have a chock load of Season 4 to go.

Though what do I think about the fandom? Well, some will come and go, I know that for sure. Next lot of drama will surely be about a second Equestria Girls film where Twilight becomes a groupie for Flash Sentry's boy band. It'll end up with Twi being arrested for driving recklessly after taking some strange substance she found behind the bike sheds at Canterlot High.

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