Friday, 17 January 2014

Rainbow Falls?!

So tomorrow's episode, Rainbow Falls, is centred around the Equestrian Games tryouts. Basically Rainbow Dash is there with the Ponyville team and it sucks so she gets invited to try out for the Cloudsdale team, obviously then she's convicted between taking this amazing opportunity or ditching her friends. One interesting thing is the title, most people since they heard it have assumed this episode will take place around the Rainbow Fall's place seen in Sleepless in Ponyville back in Season 3. Which is the beautiful place underneath Cloudsdale where all the rainbows just sort of pour everywhere. Having watched the two teaser clips, the tryouts don't appear to be taking place there. All though I might be mistaken but I think even if the location is indeed there, I think the title of the episode might have a lot more to do with Rainbow Dash and her actions. We'll have to watch and find out!

Now this is quite the classic story really, though it'll be interesting to see how FiM tackles it. At the end of the day, although ditching your friends is never nice, but neither is them holding you back. It's not like any of the others are athletes after all, ok Applejack, but it's not quite the same really. Rainbow Dash's entire job and life revolves around sports at the end of the day and competing in a competent team in the Equestria Games is pretty much the most amazing achievement she'll get career wise. But then on the other hand her ditching them might completely destroy her towns chance of winning. Heck with her on the team Ponyville has a fighting chance, with her on another, especially one that's already got far more advantages would see Ponyville lose instantly. So that's something to consider. I guess the big thing really is the fact that this episode will play on Dash's Loyalty to both Ponyville and Cloudsdale, however could she choose between the two.

Also it was interesting to see in Spitfire mention Rainbow's time in the Wonderbolts academy. Does this mean she decided not to be a Wonderbolt, or maybe it's not as simple as just going to the academy for a little while. Another thing in the teasers we saw Twilight looking idle in the background, any chance she'll be competing? Or just organising the team.

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